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The Top 10 – Worst of 2007 Air Travel List: Remember These?

December 27, 2007 | Posted in: Airline News,Ask Rick

I think I’m going to make this an annual tradition: say good-bye to the old year with a list of the best and worst in commercial aviation over the past 12-months.

You’ve heard of some of these incidents, but others are obscure or just downright funny.

I’ll give you my “worst” list now, since most of us say, “give me the bad news first.”

Click “more” for a fun read, and add your own ideas in the comments section.

FareCompare’s Top 10-Worst of 2007 List

1. JetBlue’s Tarmac Endurance Contest

  • Unfortunately there were no winners; only losers trapped on a plane for 10-hours in February.
  • Picture the heat. Picture the lack of food. Don’t picture the toilets.
  • UPSIDE: As one flier put it, “Hey, at least there weren’t any snakes…”

2. Continental’s Hell Flight

  • On a transatlantic flight, broken toilets overflow; sewage oozes down aisles.
  • UPSIDE: The flight eventually ended.

3. Grumpy Santa Marathon

4. Drunk (Allegedly) Flight Attendant

  • Flight attendant is allegedly drunk; allegedly tells pilot, “You’re dead!”
  • UPSIDE: There is video.

5. Summer Travel

  • Did you fly last summer? Remember packed planes, and endless delays? Remember these passengers stuck on a plane in Baltimore?
  • UPSIDE: The Baltimore passengers revolted and won.

6. “Mr. Happy” – Spirit’s CEO

  • The head of Spirit Airlines, on an irate customer: “Let him tell the world how bad we are. [He] will be back when we save him a penny.”
  • UPSIDE: Irate customer does tell the world via email.

7. Goat Sacrifice

  • Mechanical problems on a Nepal Airlines plane are solved by sacrificing a couple of goats.
  • UPSIDE: None for the goats, but perhaps they’ll haunt Kathmandu Airport.

8. Sen. Craig’s Bathroom Imbroglio

  • A senator from the great state of Idaho is arrested in an airport men’s room.
  • UPSIDE: It certainly put Minneapolis-St. Paul International on the map.

9. Kiddie Makes “No Fly” List

  • An 8-year old boy discovers he’s on the “No Fly” list, on his first flight ever.
  • UPSIDE: He’ll laugh about this someday. Well, maybe.

10. Aardvark Apparel

  • You will definitely look like an aardvark if you use the amazing “Techno Privacy Scarf” on your next flight (click the link; you HAVE to see this).
  • UPSIDE: Purchasers will have the perfect Christmas “re-gift” next year …

One Response to “The Top 10 – Worst of 2007 Air Travel List: Remember These?”

  1. MiamiSuzanne says:

    Here’s one for you: Spirit airlines slips in a $10 per bag as you check in. I had some friends tell me they had their families with them and had to dish out $50 since the family had 5 bags. I had others tell me about this “surprise”. I guess Spirit should be called “Ala Carte Airlines”. This is why I always use Southwest….no surprises…DING!

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