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The Top 10 – Best in Air Travel of 2007: Sometimes Flying is Fun!

Maybe you’ve already seen my Top 10 “worst” list. Now for the good news: I actually found enough good things for a BEST list.

Think you’ll enjoy this. Just click “more” to see the entire list.

And if you think I’ve left anything out, please, tell me in the comments section.

FareCompare’s Top 10 – Best of 2007 List

1. Mmmm…Warm Cookies

  • Yes, they still serve those warm and delicious cookies on Midwest.
  • Even Grumpy Santa smiled after eating these chocolate chip delights.
  • NOTE: Now available to the public in Milwaukee; first day on sale, the cookies sold out.

2. Grumpy Santa Marathon

  • Yes, I know this made our “worst” list, but there were good times too, like the singing flight attendant (and do click the link; she was great!)
  • NOTE: Even better, Grumpy Santa did not sing.

3. Branson’s Latest Brainstorm

  • Sir Richard’s Virgin America is one sweet ride.
  • You never know when Victoria‘s Secret models will drop-in.
  • NOTE: Colorful mood lighting helps Boomers remember the 60′s.

4. President Opens Military Air Space

  • After pardoning the presidential turkey, this was Mr. Bush’s gift to Thanksgiving fliers.
  • NOTE: Turkey will live out life on spacious farm; fliers remain on packed planes.

5. The Amazing “Knee Defender”

  • Fliers can use this gizmo to prevent passengers in front of them from reclining their seats.
  • Easy to use! And a steal at just $14.95!
  • NOTE: If the flight attendant catches you using this, she’ll get mad and take it away from you.

6. Passengers Demand Their Rights

  • Angry fliers are justifiably demanding better treatment when airlines make mistakes.
  • NOTE: So far, only New York has enacted a “passenger rights” bill; one down, only 49-to go.

7. Airbus A380 Takes to the Skies

  • Humongous plane with a cool nickname: “SuperJumbo”.
  • NOTE: The A380 even has gorgeous bedrooms; but please! Get your mind out of the gutter!

8. Samsonite Does it Right

  • My editor insisted we include this item; Samsonite fixed her broken bag–even though she had no receipt, no warranty–for free.
  • NOTE: The above-mentioned editor was not paid for this testimonial (I don’t think).

9. Pizza Party in Syracuse

  • A flight crew and ticketing team in Syracuse treat their stranded passengers right: they feed them pizza.
  • Delta paid the $400-tab without blinking an eye.
  • NOTE: We at FareCompare were so delighted, we sent the Delta folks roses.

10. Mini-Skirt Girl

  • A young woman in a very short skirt almost got tossed off a Southwest flight, for supposedly being “inappropriately” dressed.
  • Young woman goes on TV to share her outrage; then announces plans to pose for Playboy. She assures us this will be “tastefully done.”
  • NOTE: The title of her Playboy pictorial? “Legs in the Air.” Tasteful.

5 Responses to “The Top 10 – Best in Air Travel of 2007: Sometimes Flying is Fun!”

  1. james says:

    You can replace #4 with something else, because #4 was and is absolutely nothing.


    That has/had NO bearing on airport congestion whatsoever. The problem isnt lack of space in the sky or the availability of routes. It all comes down to the airport environment being TOO crowded, and having TOO MANY flights scheduled.

  2. Rick Seaney says:


    I might agree with you (on the absolute merits), but the point is that this particular issue (among thousands of others in the country) has moved up to the highest levels of government – whether opening up this military airspace for Thanksgiving and Christmas was “useful” is really not the point. The point is we aren’t talking about Senators in Airport Restrooms any more — its about how to sort out issues related to packed planes, 5 hour tarmac waits and general air congestion — I seriously doubt the new rules at JFK would be going in place without this notoriety …

  3. shirley levin says:

    I am writing this note in reference about the beautiful man that i cannot stop praising. He works as a sky-cap at Philly International air port. The gentleman i am talking about is mr.keith tindley. He is definately an assett to your company and definately gave excellent service to everyone that stood in front of him to have there baggage checked in. please give him two thumbs up for super service and i am not kidding iworked in customer service for thirty eight years and i know it when i see great service. I do a lot of traveling and i will definately be back.you need that great of service to start a flight and your day. sincerly shirley levin

  4. Denise says:

    I agree that Virgin America seems cool, but I wouldn’t call it “Branson’s Brainstorm”. From VA’s own website:

    What is Richard Branson’s role in Virgin America?

    Richard Branson is a minority investor.

    Who owns Virgin America?

    Virgin America is a domestic next generation, low-fare airline that secured $177.3 million in committed funding from VAI Partners LLC, an investor group comprising U.S. investment firms Black Canyon Capital and Cyrus Capital Partners.

    The Virgin Group owns 25% and VAI Partners own 75%.

  5. Wilson says:

    The NOTE: on item 8 returns “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

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