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TREND: Today’s Airfare Deals — Be Ready to JUMP!

April 30, 2008 | Posted in: Airfare News

Whenever I talk about deals, I usually advise that you grab them fast, because they won’t last.

What an understatement — especially in today’s world of lightning fast deals.

For instance, we posted this brand new Deal of the Day on our special Deals section; that was on 4-29-08. With me? Okay, here’s what else was required:

  • You had to BUY the ticket by May 2.
  • You had to DEPART on May 3.
  • You had to RETURN on May 5 or 6.

Talk about a whirlwind purchase, and, a whirlwind trip! But you’ll be seeing more of this, so best to keep reading.

I’ll give you another example, from Virgin America (this one came in my email on 4-29-08): the airline offered 25% off the price of anywhere they fly. Now that’s a good deal!

But…again, you had to make your purchase very quickly (within four days) and, you had to complete your travel fairly quickly (by June 11); plus, you were blacked-out on the dates surrounding Memorial Day.

There are a few reasons for such sales: the airline is trying to unload empty seats at the last minute (but there are fewer and fewer empty seats to unload these days); or they are looking to fill seats on the normally slower travel days of Tues., Wed. or Sat.; or trying to match a competitor’s last minute sale.

Most likely reason: it’s a way for airlines to connect with consumers, and get that brand out there. They know a lot of us can’t possibly drop everything at the last minute and take a trip, but talking about one’s “great deals” is always good advertising.

Now if you can drop everything, you really do have yourself a great deal. So, keep an eye out for these “last minute” airfare sales — and be ready to spring into action.

7 Responses to “TREND: Today’s Airfare Deals — Be Ready to JUMP!”

  1. I’ve been writing about the same trend and suggesting that wait and jump is the most important deal strategy this season.


  2. Teri Ashley says:

    My daughter, Keri, who is a 9 yr Leukemia survivor has just found out that she has had a miscarriage in Clewiston FL.(a little city in the middle of nowhere). She needs me to come immeadiately when she calls, in the next day or up to ten days away once the Dr tells her what she needs to do for her health. Sh and her husband Jess, are teachers @ Clewiston HS and live there with my granddaughter, Madison. They live over 90 minutes away from any hospital and Keri will need to be there at the first signs of complications. Is there ANY way to watch for flights to Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm Beach, or even Orlando without living on the computer. I need just one rountrip ticket over the next 10 days that would be $250.00 and under, as that is all I can afford at this time. I thought it was hard trying to get down there in time for my granddaughters birth, but I just went 2 weeks in what was supposed to be advance, (I don’t have that option in this situation) then my daughter went into complications and they hospitalized her within the first 3 days I was there and after 3 days in labor she had our healthy little Madie! Now I just feel so betrayed by the Friendly skies!!! I know they have to make a profit, but it would certainly be nice if there was someway to find medical emergency and bereavement fares that were reasonable. We just lost my mother in law 2 months ago and flew Keri in and out twice in a 9 day time frame, not to mention all the back and forth of about 14 roundtrips times two we’ve taken just for family visists in the 18 mos since Madie’s birth, one of which was for a medical emergency for Madie when at 9 weeks she was hospitalized for 3 days for stopping breathing. Oh well, I’m sure this just sounds like another pitty story, but I’ll take any suggestion you might have on finding a last minute fare in the next ten days at the drop of a hat to any of the above mentioned airports, without living on the computer. West Palm Beach would be most desired as that is where the hospital is.
    Thanks for listening/reading, Teri XXXX

  3. Rick Seaney says:

    Teri, you didn’t mention your departure point but being a techy your IP address maps to Louisville so I’ll assume there as a depart point.

    You need to buy your ticket 3 days ahead and at least 7 days ahead if possible, right now US Airways is your best bet SDF-PBI, Saturday May 17 departure returning Tuesday May 20 is $234 out the door. 7 days out the price is in the low $300′s before that and last minute is is in the Low $400′s.

    Leaving at the drop of hat has the airlines treating you as business traveler which can be up to $1200 roundtrip, luckily US Airways caps out in the high $400′s roundtrip even with 1 day notice (connects in Charlotte).

    Hope this helps and that Louisville is your departure point. Hope it works out,


  4. Bernard Beckman says:

    Hello, I want to travel to Europe with flexible dates and eventually hit Paris as part of my itinerary.
    My question is this, leaving from Orlando/Tampa, which airport in Europe would be the cheapest to arrive at and then just go rail or rent a car to start a itinerary?
    In the old days a Luxemberg, a Munich, Brussels or whatever, were good arrivals versus actually arriving in Paris.
    Is the old trend a thing of the past and can I zero in at a not so popular airport just to get on the continent and take it from there.
    Thank You, Bernie

  5. CHERYL says:

    I need a ticket from washington dc to santa cruz Bolivia
    i need to find the cheapest ticket possible for 3 people , everywhere is over $1,000
    do you have any sugestions

  6. SDF says:

    Does anyone know how to find the cheapest flights from my airport? All the sale/deal sites I have seen don’t make it easy to do the type of search I want. I am looking to put in an airport code like SDF and ideally it would show me all the cheap flights I can book in the next week or month. So it would say I could go to XYZ for $49 on August 10th. There are a lot of possible destinations I am interested in, if it’s very cheap. Thanks.

  7. Rick Seaney says:


    Try this: http://www.farecompare.com/maps/compareDestinations.html

    From there, you can enter your home airport and see deals to cities (divided by region) all over the world. you’ll see the cheapest filed flights to multiple destinations from SDF.

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