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Frontier to Raise Fee for Transporting…Antlers?!

May 26, 2008 | Posted in: Airline News

We’ve all seen some unusual (and unwelcome) fee hikes of late, but Frontier Airlines will soon be upping one of the more unusual fees passengers can be hit with.

According to its website, the Denver-based carrier will now charge $100 (up from $75) for transporting…antlers.

Important news for hunters I suppose, and, maybe for those who like to browse Denver’s Antiques Row on South Broadway — in search of “Old West” decor.

16 Responses to “Frontier to Raise Fee for Transporting…Antlers?!”

  1. Patricia Dimola says:

    How about Jet Blue charging me $150.00 round trip for my little pom that sits in case under the seat in front of me it’s not like she gets a seat for that price . I understand a bzby is free on the moms lap . Oh she weighs 9 lbs . I realy don’t thik this is right

  2. Jim Russell says:

    Ed, Tres, Brian: Listen up!

  3. N Murray says:

    I too had to pay $160 for my 8 lb dog to fly on Northwest…she was in a pet carrier smaller than a typical carry on bag and was under the seat in front of me…my seat was only $60 more…any airline that would get with this mass “pet trend” and treat pets in a more welcomed way would surely attract more consumers

  4. HHB says:

    well now…first of all
    your 9 pound have NO business anywhere in the cabin!!!!in a cage ore not!
    assume you sit next to me…I am allergic… i have a reaction that requires medical attention…on the ground…
    bad??? is it not??? Are you prepared to pay the cost? Facts are clear here: your 9 pounds of whatever caused the problem! lets further assume that my attorney gets involved because of suffering etc……
    sure you understand that this could be very expensive….
    cabins are for people NOT for wuff wuffs or miows or any other critters!

  5. Patrick says:

    Re: HHB

    Wow, a bit uptight and over-reactive aren’t we? Barring that you have a truly severe allergy to pets, hence explaining your very strong position, I’d *much* prefer to sit next to either of the above poster’s pets than you.

    Besides, I believe the same logic could be applied to perfume/cologne, or perhaps people who smoke (while yes, you cannot smoke on the plane, one’s clothes still reek of the stench) — or what about people with peanut allergies — clearly the person they sit next to shouldn’t be eating any kind of peanuts.

    I could come up with a plethora of other examples, but will leave it at this.

  6. Natalie says:

    HHB, by your reasoning, pets should not be allowed anywhere in the world just in case you should wander by. Should airline passengers be required to forgo deorderant because someone on board might be allergic to scented products? Wouldn’t that be a fun trip? We all have our issues and we must all take responsibility for ourselves, rather than expect the world to change to accommodate us.

  7. kel callen says:

    HHB what if I’m wearing perfume? What if the flight attendant is wearing hairspray? Shall we all stop living because you have allergies?
    I spent 36 years in the travel business-and for all those years pets of a certain size were allowed in cabin in carrier. If you are that allergic-stay home and do us all a favor. And keep your attorney home too-they’re lousy tippers.

  8. get a life says:

    If you are THAT allergic that you have to wave the ‘attorney’ blade around, then perhaps you should not travel on commercial airliners. What’s next? Go after they guy sitting next to you who HUGGED his dog goodbye? I’m sure you could find an attorney that would take the case if it came up.

    Get some sense…

  9. Me says:


    Keep your damn pets at home!

  10. Chris says:


    Ok, lets use your logic here. Lets say I am sitting next to you and I am allergic to your after shave, cologne, perfume or whatever. If I was having a reaction which required medical attention would you be prepared to pay the cost?? I would guess no you wouldn’t. Clearly you were the cause of the problem.

    Cabins are for whoever the airlines allows. If you have a problem with the airlines rules then go to another airline or voice your concerns when you book the ticket. I for one see no problem with the pet fees.

  11. Reaperducer says:

    I agree — leave your critters at home. They are not your children. They are animals. Anyone who thinks otherwise should see a mental health professional.

    If you MUST move a pet across the country, do what I did — send him freight. It cost me $75 and a vet’s exam to mail my cat. I think he went Delta freight.

  12. N Murray says:

    Fortunate if it had been HHB next to me, my dog is hypoallergetic…she has hair not fur. No one in the plane even knew there was an animal in the bag anyway. Furthermore, I was suprised that the TSS security people didn’t even verify that I had paid for my dogs flight, nor did the flight attendent taking boarding passes check inside my bag. Not worth chancing by not paying for a ticket for her though. Nevertheless, an expensive carry-on bag ($160)

  13. medeasmom says:

    You certainly opened a can of worms (oops, won’t carry it on the plane in case….) but frankly I would much rather sit next to someone with a pet than someone with a child under 10. The pet is contained and quite possibly has had a tranquilizer,much better than the screaming baby,the squirming toddler kicking the back of my seat, or the slightly older child looking over the back of the seat at me and trying to engage me in 50 questions. Oh, are you that person with the child? Or the head phones that are so loud I have to listen to your music? Or the really annoying gum chewer who snaps, crackles & pops the whole trip? Maybe before getting on we could raise hands for who wants to sit next to pet, child, gum chewer, etc.

  14. ariadne says:

    For the rest of the fee comments: The problem remains the same, airlines have never changed the way they do business and it sucks. They squander money like drunken sailors pay execs 5 times what they are worth, cut corners where it makes not sense. One time US Air wanted to decrease the rate s for maintainance. once the unions showed that if you eliminated the mechanics and the avionics people you wouldn’t decrease the fares by even one cent per passenger mile they backed down. They made up for it by trying to classify the mechanics as “Unskilled workers.” Now you tell me again who is crazy in this ruined industry!

  15. BACtravels says:

    I have severe allergies to cats and dogs, and the medical implications are not slight, but they can be controlled, usually, with medications. While I would prefer not to sit next to a pet, if the animal is kept in it’s carrier and not taken out in the seat next to me, I don’t see a problem with dealing with the risk of allergic reaction. BTW, I will not stay in a “pet friendly” hotel unless they can assure me that the pet rooms are separate, designated rooms, sort of like non-smoking/smoking. I also think wearing strong cologne or scented aftershave in a crowded space where people can’t escape, whether airplane or concert venue, is rude.

  16. Kathryn, Los Angeles, CA says:

    I am EXTREMELY allergic to cats and the one or two times that I’ve been on a plane with a cat, the flight attendants accommodated me with the seat furtherest away from said feline. I got through with a few sniffles. Another time I was traveling with my parrot, and again, the flight staff accommodated a lady with feather allergies. Really, for 90% of people with allergies, it’s not a problem, and that other 10% can just check to see if their flight allows pets. It’s pretty ridiculous ($130!) what airlines charge for pets, I flew several times with my bird and she weighs mere ounces!

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