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Money Coming to Victims of Price-Fixing

July 25, 2008 | Posted in: Airfare News,Europe,Fuel Surcharges

Did you purchase tickets for a “long haul” flight on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, sometime between Aug. 11, 2004 and March 23, 2006?

If so, you may be due some money – between $7 and $34 per flight.

Visit http://www.airpassengerrefund.co.uk/ and find out.

This is the result of a settlement that’s been reached in a class action lawsuit that alleged that the two airlines illegally conspired to fix prices of fuel surcharges — surcharges place on those “long haul” fares.

We spoke with one frequent flier based in Europe, who figures he could be owed as much as $600 dollars. The businessman’s reaction was, why did the airlines allegedly conspire in the first place? “Considering that BA and Virgin have always been mortal enemies, it surprises me a bit.”

If the money comes through, the businessman figures he’ll simply spend it on another airline ticket — and yes — he will be more than happy to fly on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic.

4 Responses to “Money Coming to Victims of Price-Fixing”

  1. Dawn C. Hammond says:

    In 2002-2004 I worked for very, very little pay as a medical anthropologist about 1.5 hours by train east of Prague. I was the first EVER native-born English-speaker to live in the area. The communist professor who led the project not only jipped me out of my full salary for my work there, but also another prof. Dr. Chapuruku Kusimba of the Chicago Field Museum in Illinois.

    Nevertheless, I (a Quaker as was Chap Kusimba) was determined to continue my project and not fail as the commie boss hoped I would by bailing out.

    I did not and was in the fields side 90% of the time. The commie prof. was gone 90% of the time galavanting around the world smoozing others as he had me and Dr. Kusimba. The field sessions were supposed to be his instruction for a group of undergraduate anthropology students of the first class of young anthropologists who did not have to espouse the Marxist-Leninist perspective after the departure of the Soviets from Central European nations.

    Each time I flew and on flights since then I flew from SFO to Prague and back through Heathrow – each time on a BA flight. The costs for the flights and all BA flights since then, for example, last year to Prague came out of my husband’s pocket. My research funds were embezzled by the commie team leader so he could smooze around the world and build a house in the villages we did our fieldwork in.

    At the time I began my work in the Czech Republic I used my former e-mail address for correspondences. That address which I am now phasing out was and still is dchammond1@hotmail.com

    Even if I do not get a refund for any of my several BA round trip flights, I am so happy to hear you are doing something about the corrupt practices of B. A. After I got jipped by them for all mileage credits I spoke with some long time travel agents who told me that B.A. and its partner, American Airlines, were known for cheating people out of their mileage. I was a victim.

    We Quakers like to solve problems through peaceful compromise. So, even if I do not for some reason quality for recompense, please, please, keep me informed of the process. It would be nice to know at least some people finally are given justice from such corrupt practices.

    Thanks for listening to my background to tell you why I was so disappointed with BA and why I no longer am a patron of theirs, or of A.A.

    I hope you have a method of searching that will confirm my use of B.A. in the 2002′s plus for my essentially “gratis” field work in Bohemia

    Sincerely, Dawn C. Hammond
    Medical Ethnobotanist,

    Ph.D. Candidate – University of California, Riveside.

  2. I’ve already sent my comments about B. A’s. bad practices.

    Would someone PLEASE let me know if you’ve received them.

    Thanks, Dawn C. Hammond

    dawnchammond@gmail.com or dchammond1@hotmail.com

  3. Rick Seaney says:


    Your comments are up for our readers to see.

  4. Melissa says:

    I found out the hard way also the AA and BA conspiracy..no credit for transatlantic flights from US and UK.. we don’t fly them any more. Plus BA has Heathrow screwed up royally. Maybe a small credit for making the last two flights of a 12 flight honeymoon would help. I have to endure one last flight on AA, using flight vouchers, and we will not be using them again. Even my good friends who work for AA are disappointed with the service they are forced to scale down. BA and AA NEVER AGAIN, is our families motto, unless tragedy strikes.

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