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ABCNews.com Column: Kids vs. Business Travelers

July 30, 2008 | Posted in: ABC Column,Travel Tips

In today’s column, I write about war.

Well, a kind of war: that between traveling families and the brief-case brigade.

Both sides seem to sneer at one another (and worse! read the column!) but I think I have some ideas to ease the hostilities.

What do you think about banishing kids to the back of the plane?

See the column here. And tell me what you think.

2 Responses to “ABCNews.com Column: Kids vs. Business Travelers”

  1. bryan in sf says:

    Good column, but I wonder how you chose the paradigm Biz Traveller versus Kids?

    What about non-parent coach traveller versus kids? We have it bad enough in coach (See: removal of seatback magazines to save weight for four new showers). Families travelling with kids should have to fly up front, in first & biz class! More space for little Johnny to run around and perhaps scream less as a result.

    Don’t newborns cry because they feel too stuffy and crowded? They should have to fly up front, Rick.

  2. mwarden says:

    They already have this. It’s called upgrading frequent travelers to first class… and it’s why I stick to Continental and Northwest.

    Sorry, but if I’m on a transcon back from SFO after a ridiculously long week, the last thing I want to deal with is some undersupervised kid in coach.

    It’s not their (the kids) fault; I would have had a hard time sitting still for 5-6 hours in a cramped plane when I was a kid, too. But I still don’t want to deal with it twice a week when I fly.

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