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US Airways Begins $2 Water Charge and “Yours Truly” is On-the-Scene

August 1, 2008 | Posted in: Airline News,US Airways

UPDATE: The aircraft was an Airbus and US Airways had produced a very professional video on the merits of there new “cafe” service including $2 for coke/water and $7 for liquor/beer — again no audible gasps as the video played — unfortunately I was sitting at the front and didn’t get to see much of the reaction during the 1st service — but the crew seemed unfazed …


Had to tell you about this while it’s still fresh in my mind.

I am now on a US Airways jet heading from Las Vegas to Dallas — but just before boarding, the gate agent made a sarcastic little speech.

He wasn’t upset with us — he was upset with his airline — and he spoke in bitter tones: “It is my very special duty to inform you that today is inauguration day’ at US Airways and what we are inaugurating is our new onboard beverage policy. You now have to pay $2 for that coke, $2 for water.”

Now, nobody booed or anything but I did see surprised and startled looks on the faces of some passengers — apparently they hadn’t heard about this new fee, and looked like they couldn’t quite believe it.

Meanwhile, the unhappy gate agent had a bit of advice for us: “Buy a drink now — you can bring it onboard if it has a lid.” Unfortunately, as we all know, finding a drink in an airport shop or cafe that costs less than $2 is hard to do.

3 Responses to “US Airways Begins $2 Water Charge and “Yours Truly” is On-the-Scene”

  1. DMcD says:

    Not sure if it is legal or wise to charge for water. Just wait until somebody dies of DVT on a flight where they charged for water…

  2. mwarden says:

    My thoughts exactly. They are going to have to provide an alternative, or someone is going to end up using the TSA beverage restriction plus this airline’s policy in a lawsuit.

  3. laura says:

    They are charging for *bottled* water. The airplane source, the one they make the coffee/tea with and comes out of the sinks in the bathrooms is free. They are not denying you water.

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