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Continental Reverses, Okays 500 Mile Minimum for “Elite” Fliers

September 26, 2008 | Posted in: Ask Rick,Frequent Flyer

Recently I did a study on the effect of legacy airlines removing the 500-mile frequent flier mile minimum after Continental announced that it was only going to give credit for exact mileage flown (following similar moves by United and US Airways).

Continental is now reversing this recent decision to its frequent flier program – for some of its passengers.

But here’s the catch: this reversal only affects Continental’s “elite passengers” (those who fly at least 25,000 miles in a year).

FYI: I perused the websites of US Airways and United this morning, since they too had rescinded the 500-mile minimum – was curious to see if they were going to follow Continental’s lead – but so far, I can’t find any evidence that they have.

One Response to “Continental Reverses, Okays 500 Mile Minimum for “Elite” Fliers”

  1. mwarden says:

    Continental has a pretty close ear to its frequent flyer population. There’s one guy pretty high up on the food chain that seems to follow the active threads on CO’s flyertalk.com forum pretty closely, and is very receptive to private messages about individual experiences (and he generally does something about them too). They also tend to announce things like this and the recent changes (for the worse) of the OnePass program on the flyertalk forum first, before it’s public on their website and before it’s in press releases. Whether it’s illusion or not, they make it seem like they’re sensitive to how changes that they feel they are forced to make affect their frequent flyers. This example is one where they specifically said they are reversing it based on feedback they received from elite members.

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