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US Airways: We’re Bringing Back Free Sodas (and Water and Juice…)

February 23, 2009 | Posted in: Airline News,Ask Rick,US Airways

Starting March 1, US Airways is reinstating complimentary sodas, juices, tea, water and coffee on all its domestic flights and on US Airways express flights. Terrific!

The airline’s spokesperson was quite candid – unlike the bag fees, nobody else jumped on the $2 Coke bandwagon. And with US Airways out there all alone with its pay-for-water policy, it put them at a competitive disadvantage – not to mention making them an easy target for jokes.

Plus, the controversy overshadowed some of the airline’s real achievements of late – including its tremendous improvement regarding on-time flights – something I’ve highlighted from time to time.

And for the record, US Airways says it remains committed to the “a la carte” pricing strategy – while noting it is a work in progress.

3 Responses to “US Airways: We’re Bringing Back Free Sodas (and Water and Juice…)”

  1. Justin J says:

    This is great. I thought that was a stupid idea from the beginning. I was on a flight from LGA to CLT en route to another destination and hadn’t flown USAir in a while and the flight attendant indicated she didn’t think they’d get rid of it because it reduced waste, etc. Good outcome but I always thought this policy was ridiculous. Free drinks for the flight is the minimum people in the cattle car should get.

  2. S Cook says:

    You know, if they charged $1 it could have gone over ok. They’re just bilking you at $2. They would still make money at $1 since on sale soda costs 25 cents or less a can. With their volume I would imagine 20 cents or less.

  3. Mike says:

    I don’t see how US Air was making money off of selling soft drinks and water. In all the flights I have taken with this policy in place, I very rarely saw anyone purchase anything. Most passengers purchased something before they came on board. I would think it cost US Air more money, since they had to pay the fuel bill to carry around all the soft drinks that nobody bought.

    As for US Air and being the top “On-time” airline. Anyone who has flown US Air and had to use either Philly or Charlotte as a hub, knows that’s a total joke. There is no such thing as an “on-time” US Air flight from those airports.

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