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Tips for Navigating America’s Worst Airports – ABCNews.com

February 25, 2009 | Posted in: ABC Column,Tips and Tricks

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about the worst – and best airports – airports that won these titles based on the most/least flight delays.

Now, here are some tips for getting yourself through the madness of these airports – with as little collateral damage as possible.

  • Don’t Be a Jerk: I cannot guarantee airline reps will solve all your problems if you’re polite, but – I can pretty much guarantee that, if you’re a jerk, you won’t get far
  • Make an Emergency Kit: Keep an airport map in your pocket, put airline phone numbers in your cell, and get local numbers to airport hotels (websites may say “no vacancy” but rooms are often set aside for walk-ins)
  • Pack Light and Here’s How: Use a carry-on bag. Can’t fit everything you need? That’s why coats with lots of pockets were invented. Need that bulky sweater? Wear it and carry the coat.
  • Don’t Be Late: Your flight is cancelled but you’re assigned a new flight next day – and told to be there 90 minutes ahead of time. You figure an hour is plenty. You figured wrong – every seat is gone. Be on time!

Read more about these tips, and navigating “worst” airports (is yours on the list?) in my latest weekly column for ABCNews.com.

One Response to “Tips for Navigating America’s Worst Airports – ABCNews.com”

  1. AW says:

    I’ve been a manager in the hotel business, across 4 brands for 15 years and have never heard of halting sale of hotel rooms on websites and saving them for walk-ins! That would be an insane thing to do. Your best bet is to call the hotel directly and guarantee with a credit card.
    The hotel’s goal is to get heads in beds and, like all businesses, make the most money possible. Maybe comment this is specific to airport hotels that have contract guarantees with airlines for distress periods?

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