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Pay Toilets on Planes, Other Outrageous Comments from Ryanair’s CEO

February 27, 2009 | Posted in: Airline News,Ask Rick

Everyone is jumping on the latest outrageous comment from Ryanair’s always quotable CEO, Michael O’Leary. Here it is:

“One thing we have looked at in the past and are looking at again is the possibility of maybe putting a coin slot on the toilet door…”

His suggested price for pay toilets on planes? About a pound, or $1.42 for those of us in the states. Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised when ABC news came to me for a quote, and here’s what I said:

“I thought the nuclear option for air travel during the fuel crisis in 2008 was weighing each person as they boarded a flight – I was wrong. One can only hope O’Leary, who has been known to tweak a few journalists’ noses, had his tongue in his cheek.” - Rick Seaney, FareCompare

Tweak is right. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of O’Leary’s other quotes – and here are some of the ones I can actually print.

“I swore when I hadn’t two shillings to rub together that if I ever got rich I wouldn’t give a f*** what people wrote about me in newspapers.” –Michael O’Leary

“I want to stuff it to BA.” –Michael O’Leary

“I’m probably just an obnoxious little bollocks. Who cares? The purpose is not to be loved. The purpose is to have the passengers on board.” –Michael O’Leary

Meanwhile, if O’Leary is serious about pay toilets – I suggest you stay away from the coffee and other drinks on board (and no, they’re not free either).

12 Responses to “Pay Toilets on Planes, Other Outrageous Comments from Ryanair’s CEO”

  1. Silvio says:

    Pay toilets? Bring it on, I don’t mind. Most Ryanair flights are less than 2 hours anyways. That will teach us to visit the toilet before take off and that way the airplane has to carry less s#$% in the sky. Think of the energy that we could save that way!
    Don’t like the idea? No prob, don’t fly Ryanair. There are tons of other options out there!

  2. Mary says:

    I guess the phrase “spend a penny” will have to be changed to “spend a pound” – for those of you too young to know – it use to cost a penny to use the toilet in GB. In the States – the ladies stalls use to cost between 10c and 25 c before that was done away with on complaints that men did not have to pay to use the bathroom but women did.
    I have not flown Ryan Air – not gonna start now – but should I have to – will be sure to wear a couple of “Depends” just in case!
    When will Ryan air also charge for a actual seat to sit in – and put in a standing room section only?

  3. Ryan says:

    This is a perfect example of someone who is successful but not happy. The purpose is to enjoy what you are doing and becoming wealthy by it. Perhaps a few quotes are soundbites but it’s obvious that the man is not a happy person.

  4. They have two choices – pick up the poop from the bowl or the aisle – either way, its coming like it or not

  5. Steve H says:

    The third or fourth small child to pee on a seat because they didn’t have a pound coin handy will bring this crashing down if it ever happens.

  6. Nancy says:

    They had to be joking. NO WAY. That’s crazy. If people don’t have the right change there is going to be war. What If someone gets sick and has to make a mad dash to the bathroom. Do they want to clean that up????? What next?

  7. Rick Seaney says:

    Doesn’t anybody think Mr. O’Leary was speaking tongue-in-cheek?

  8. Fonz says:

    This is exactly why O’Leary makes these comments: His airline is in the news again, frontpages and all. This is what he calls free publicity, and isn’t he right? He receives tons of it. Not tongue in cheek, tongue pointed towards competitors, as far out of his mouth as possible. Oops I did it again …

  9. Fred Astenbule says:

    I have one question: If I have no cone and have to go I will use the Kitchen or ail.


  10. joel says:

    We flew Ryann Air this summer from Dublin To Co. Kerry and were RIPPED OFF by this crooked airline for checked baggage. Our tickets cost $300 Euro for 5 people, $60 a piece for a one way ticket including what we paid for baggage, once we were checking in for the flight they sad our baggage was too heavy and proceeded to charge us an additional $1200 Euro to cover it!!!!!! Outrageous, no one to complain too and we threatened not to pay the credit card bill. I was planning on going on talk radio in Ireland, but it fell through. The Irish are totally embarrassed about this guy and his company. THEY RIP YOU OFF AND I WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN. By the way we traveled to and from Dublin on Aer Lingus and they did not charge us for the baggage at all. Had we been thinking clearly we should have hired a Limo to drive us the 5 hours, it would have been cheaper. So please tell all do not fly this awful airline.

  11. thatsonebigcookie says:

    O’LEARY, [blank] off.

  12. Rick Seaney says:

    Had to edit your comment. Sorry, but profanity is a no no.

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