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AGAIN? Yes, Continental Sends Another Child to Wrong City

June 17, 2009 | Posted in: Airline News,Ask Rick,Travel Tips

Yesterday, I told you about the 10 year old flying solo from Boston to Cleveland this past weekend – except, thanks to Continental’s “supervision” – she wound up in Newark.

Well, it seems Continental had a very confusing weekend – just the day before the airline “misplaced” the 10 year – an 8 year old passenger was also misrouted, to Arkansas instead of North Carolina.

Apparently, in both cases – the same gate/doorway was used as the entrance to two different Continental Express airplanes – which doesn’t seem like the brightest idea. Meanwhile, where were the Continental employees that the parents paid to shepherd their children on the right flights? By the way, the charge for this “service” – what the airline’s website calls the “extra handling required when an unaccompanied child travels” is $150 roundtrip.

As you might imagine, the parents of these youngsters are steamed and I’m sure the kids were scared, at least a little. Continental has apologized and is “working with [the families] to resolve the situation.” At least one parent has said, a refund is in the works.

What do you think they should get?

2 Responses to “AGAIN? Yes, Continental Sends Another Child to Wrong City”

  1. …the same gate/doorway was used as the entrance to two different Continental Express airplanes

    In my experience, that’s common at airports with dozens of gates serving dozens of regional flights every hour. Many don’t use jetways, just dispatching passengers onto the tarmac where they get to figure out which of two identical aircraft is their flight. I’ve seen adults get on the wrong plane more than once.

    I’m curious if the Continental agents accompanied the kids onto the plane, or just dispatched them past the checkin agent?

    What should the parents get? A full refund, obviously. And, at least, a gratis roundtrip ticket anywhere among Continental’s global destinations.Airlines need to be made aware of their responsibilities when caring for kids, and the risks that involves.

  2. I can understand the parents of these children being upset for these terrible mistakes Continental. I had an inncident happen to my daughter Continental let my six year old daughter off the plane without supervision and my daughetr was walking around the airport looking for her grama. I mean six years old, they were paid $150 to watch over my daughter. Continential should of been acountabe and refunded all of my money plus they should of given me a round trip voucher any were in the US with no time frame as to when I could make this trip. I was appauled by the woman who got paid to watch over my daughter as she was upset because a six year old did not stay in her seat.At least the ten year old wouldn’t be as scared as a six year old. What bother me is that a few weeks later Continential made news of being one of the best airlines in New York for best service wow if this is what you call good service whats excellent service like.

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