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Aerflot Attempts to Overcome “Aerflop” Image with Sex Appeal

July 28, 2009 | Posted in: Ask Rick,Flight Attendants

According to a story in the Moscow Times, Aeroflot – the Russian airline long known for angry flight attendants and customer service difficulties – is changing its image.

One thing they’re doing: hiring “eye-catching girls” who will have to comply with weight and height regulations. Sounds like a return to yesteryear.

The airline also consulted a sociologist – who apparently dabbles in fashion. Aeroflot’s new CEO said, the “sociologist told us that, unfortunately, the color of our old uniforms was a repulsive color, that it made passengers nervous”. New uniforms are on the way – in non-repulsive red, beige and navy (and if anyone can tell me what the old uniforms looked like, please do).

Keep reading, there’s more…

This makes sense: some Aeroflot flight attendants received training from their counterparts at Singapore Airlines – long accustomed to the top spot on numerous “Best Airlines” lists.

5 Responses to “Aerflot Attempts to Overcome “Aerflop” Image with Sex Appeal”

  1. Marius says:

    Hi Rick, here are some pictures that i have found with uniforms. http://www.uniformfreak.com

  2. Rick Seaney says:

    Thanks for the update! Readers, take a look at the Aerflot uniforms here: http://www.uniformfreak.com/index2a.html
    I don’t think they look THAT bad. What do you think?

  3. Art Bermingham says:


    No matter what Aeroflot does with its uniforms and staff, they will never overcome the actual experiences some of us have had on that airline.
    Several years ago on a flight from Zurich to Moscow, I told a stewardess that my seat belt was broken. Her response was not to worry since if we crashed we would all die anyway.


  4. Rick Seaney says:

    I’m speechless!

  5. andyash says:

    Well, for starters, the old uniform was red, orange and navy. So, I don’t see any or much difference. Besides, if passengers get nervous from some colour palette of the uniform, they’d better start using trains anyway.

    Then, Aeroflot has more younger stewardesses than for example American carriers where old ladies are in the majority. No prejudice to age, but… Again, I wouldn’t demand change in age like some people demand change in uniform colours.

    As for the humour, tastes differ. That remark was certainly ill-chosen, but I guess it fell on the wrong person and could have produced some laughs from the right one.

    Passengers note that modern Aeroflot (not the one everyone in the West has a picture of thanks to gossips and few mediatised images) has an international-level of service on par or sometimes even better that some Western carriers. Plus they don’t sell food yet, don’t charge for checked bags yet, and have no intention of offering toilet access for money. Service may sometimes be a bit different on domestic routes but only sometimes.

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