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Airline’s Shocking Honesty: “In Case We Lose Your Bag…”

August 17, 2009 | Posted in: Airline News,Delays,US Airways

I’d really like your comments at the end of this one…

Here’s the story: over the weekend, one of my employees flew from Connecticut to points West – and, she checked a bag.

She said what happened next literally startled her.

The very nice US Airways agent at Bradley International asked her if there was “anything in the bag, such as medication or work related documents that you cannot do without for the next 24 hours.” The agent went on to say, “Look we don’t intend to lose your bag, but what if?”

At first, my employee was a little put off by these questions – and the suggestion that she and her bag might not be reunited anytime soon – but then she got to thinking and – well, keep reading…

As I said, she didn’t like the idea that an airline was saying, yes indeed, we COULD lose your bag – but as the agent pointed out, such things do happen – and she decided she liked US Airways’ candor.

Let me just note here that, in the past couple of years, US Airways has improved its “lost bag stats” tremendously – they’ve really done a bang-up job.

And yes, I like the airline’s candor, too. And I think most passengers respect honesty. No one wants to lost a bag – but wouldn’t you really appreciate a heads-up so you don’t also lose the things you really need, like medication?

And lack of candor breeds anger and resentment. Consider passengers who are told nothing about flight delays – wouldn’t you much prefer the candor of being told that the crew was late, or there’s a mechanical problem, or even better – that the delay will likely take X amount of hours, so you can make other plans?

I think that this kind of honesty – or candor – or transparency – is something we need more of, not less.

P.S. Her bag did not get lost.

3 Responses to “Airline’s Shocking Honesty: “In Case We Lose Your Bag…””

  1. Stan says:

    Is it just me or is United airlines not really offering price discounts for their flights. It seems that when I shop United their prices are nowhere the competion. For example Den-Pitt US AIR-269.00 UNITED 429.

  2. Catherine says:

    Isn’t that just common sense? I would never pack something as essential as medication in a checked bag. I think the desk agent was trying to be nice, and that it’s a bit of a stretch to say that this reflects much on US Airways as a brand.

  3. kathy says:

    i appreciate the honesty. Actually telling a customer this would be a timely reminder to those who don’t travel often and may not have thought of these important details. Someone who doesn’t travel often does not necessarily HAVE that “common sense.”

    plus, i absolutely HATE it when the airline is not clear about the reason for the delay. Just tell me the truth, and i’ll deal with it from there. Don’t keep lying to me.

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