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First Person: “I’m in Hawaii — Never Thought I Could Afford It!”

August 31, 2009 | Posted in: Airfare News,Deals,Travel Tips,United

Editor’s note: Paula is an employee of FareCompare, but as Rick says, “I didn’t lift a finger to get her this deal. I didn’t need to.” That’s Paula pictured at left with one of her kids, on her way from Dallas to Honolulu – and here is her story:

Paula: “In the past, all family vacations have been planned and researched well in advance-and involved driving not flying. It is a necessity of budget and sanity when my husband and I travel with 3 little boys.”

But this summer, the family decided flights were cheap enough so they could afford to fly – at least to someplace nearby.

Paula: “I knew to start with signing up for alerts from FareCompare.com where I would get notified of deals that occurred during the summer months.”

“Being practical, I chose cities that historically dipped to my budget range like St. Louis, San Antonio or Orlando, and I found great prices, but then while monitoring FareCompare’s Deals Blog, I saw a deal for $276 roundtrip to Honolulu from my home in Dallas!”

“San Antonio or Honolulu? As my 5th grader would say, what a ‘no-brainer’. I purchased our tickets that afternoon. When I checked later that evening, the deal was gone. I felt like such a smart shopper!”

Paula is in Hawaii now – picture coming up, so keep reading…

Paula: “We had a plane problem in Dallas, so we missed our Denver connection but the United customer service people got us on another flight, and we were soon checking into the Hilton Hawaiian Village (see the view from our hotel, below).”

Paula: “We went to bed but not for long (remember, I said I have 3 boys, a 5th grader, a 3rd grader and a 1st grader).”

“Finally, we went to the beach. The weather is perfect. The beach is not too crowded. The view is beautiful. All three of them loved the beach and the swimming. We spent the morning and early afternoon playing in the water, building moats in the sand, and swimming along the shore line. Later we took advantage of the water slide pools and the lagoon at the hotel.”

“By 6 pm, we were exhausted. We showered and then went in search of some grub. We found a nice place for burgers and chicken strips. The boys could barely finish eating and were falling asleep in their chairs.”

“We went back to our room and got into bed. As we were falling asleep, I had to ask if they had a good day. Sleepily, I heard a round of ‘the beach is awesome’. And then, all was quiet.”

2 Responses to “First Person: “I’m in Hawaii — Never Thought I Could Afford It!””

  1. @Doug_Wilks says:

    Congrats ! I was able to get the same deal from Atlanta thanks to FareCompare and am looking forward to returning to the Islands at the end of October for 12 days.

  2. Debby Green says:

    The best deal to Hawaii for a family, once you have found a great airfare is to rent a condo… more room for the money & a kitchen. Maybe less of a vacation for Mom & Dad, but much easier on the wallet.

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