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New Comedy Show: “Jay Leno and the Northwest Pilots”

October 30, 2009 | Posted in: Airline News,Pilots | 1 comment

Thanks to Terry Maxon at the Dallas Morning News – who’s been keeping up with Jay Leno’s running gags about those Northwest pilots who were so busy working on their laptops that they failed to notice they’d overshot their destination by more than 100 miles…

Said Leno (over the past few days):

Northwest has a new slogan: ‘If you snooze, you lose.’”

“As you know, Northwest Airlines has a new slogan: ‘We go the extra 150 miles for you.’”

“Have you heard Northwest Airlines’ new slogan: ‘When we say non-stop, we mean it. Let’s keep going.’”

“That’s why Northwest Airlines stop using that slogan, ‘Some people just know how to fly.’ They realize that apparently those people are at United.”

Halloween: Holiday with Roots in Europe – Fly There Cheaply

October 30, 2009 | Posted in: Deals,Europe,Holiday Travel | 0 comments

For Halloween, today I’m dressed in a scary costume – I’m a businessman!

But seriously…I was just perusing an article on the traditions and roots of Halloween: it’s believed to have originated in an ancient Celtic harvest festival where Druids would make predictions about the future. Later, the Romans brought their festivals to England, Scotland and Northern France; and in Medieval times, poor people would beg for food during these celebrations, in return for prayers.

There’s a lot more, but here’s an idea – why not find a cheap flight to Europe and have the fun of researching these old tales in person?

It’s easy with our Where-to-GoSM Dealfinder – which gets you prices to “all cities in Europe” from your home airport. Try it – use Dealfinder for anywhere you want to go – for Halloween, for any time.

How FareCompare Saves You Money – Hello, Newcomers!

October 30, 2009 | Posted in: Airfare News,Deals,Destinations,Pricing Activity | 0 comments

We’ve made a lot of friends on this site, for which I’m very grateful – but sometimes, I forget that many are newcomers to FareCompare.com and our Deals Blog and to RickSeaney.com (what you’re reading now – a blog of news, commentary, tips, plus the occasional weird or hilarious item). Anyway, I know some may not be completely familiar with us, and what we do.

So for you newbies out there, let me boil it down:

We help you find the best available airfare, first – every time.

No easy trick, since airlines are constantly fiddling with their prices, one day raising airfare, another day, lowering prices – but believe me, we keep track of it all.

I was reminded of the difficulty in navigating all this – unless you’re a FareCompare follower – when I got an email from an airline announcing a new sale. This is a sale we’d reported on hours earlier!

Some quick how-to’s on finding the fares you want first, coming right up – so keep reading…
How FareCompare Saves You Money – Hello, Newcomers!

ALERT: 3rd Domestic Airfare Hike in Past Three Weeks

Yesterday morning (Thurs.) in the 10am EDT domestic airfare distribution, AirTran Airways increased airfares by $6 and $10 roundtrip (based on distance) – and this was across the bulk of the carrier’s route system.

A few hours later, American and Delta/Northwest matched on overlapping routes, while Continental took it a further step and matched on the bulk of its route system – and by yesterday evening, United and US Airways matched across the bulk of their respective route systems.

This increase marks what appears to be well on its way to the 6th successful hike of 2009 – and all of these hikes have come since June.

Holiday travelers did get a bit of a break – with numerous holiday/winter sales out this week – and then, along came the airfare hike.

The volatility of yesterday’s airfare filings underscores the airlines’ continuous tinkering as they hone in on price points that reflect an up-tick in demand while trying not to scare off skittish travelers.

It’s also one more wakeup call for procrastinating holiday air travelers – if you haven’t purchased your tickets, get going now.

“United Breaks Guitars” Guy Loses Bag – Guess the Airline

October 29, 2009 | Posted in: Ask Rick,Multimedia,United | 0 comments

You may remember Dave Carroll. He’s the Canadian singer/songwriter who zoomed to fame thanks to his video called, “United Breaks Guitars” (see below) – a video he made after watching baggage handlers at United tossing his guitar about (it broke).

Now, more drama: according to the New York Times, Dave flew United to Colorado Springs (apparently that was his only airline option) to give a talk to customer service executives (oh, the irony) – and United lost his checked-bag.

The musician flew in Sunday and got his bag Wednesday. Unfortunately, his talk was Tuesday.

Dave, I know it shouldn’t be this way, but may I suggest using a carryon next time? I don’t lose bags, because I don’t check any.

Denver Airport Delays & Cancellations

October 29, 2009 | Posted in: Delays,Storms,Weather | 0 comments

If you’re heading to or from Denver – or waiting for someone who is – be advised that there have been flight cancellations and delays due to the weather there.

Frontier, United and Southwest have all cancelled some flights, though the picture is said to be improving now. Check with your airline for the latest details, and FlightStats always has good information.

Denver International is open – but things are slow. One bright spot: security lines are moving rather briskly.

Snow at O’Hare and LaGuardia – New Investment Opportunity

October 29, 2009 | Posted in: Airline News,News,Storms,Weather | 1 comment

Sounds crazy, but the folks at NBCChicago.com say it’s true.

The story: the Chicago Mercantile Exchange announced this week that four new futures contracts “will allow investors to hedge against heavier or lighter snowfall at four national airports” including Chicago’s O’Hare, LaGuardia, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Detroit Metro.

This, we are told, has drawn interest from companies involved in snow removal.

Loved how the TV station began its report:

“There are a few safe bets in Chicago: our politicians will be corrupt, our streets will be under perpetual construction and it will snow in the winter.” -NBCChicago, 10-29-09

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Closed til Further Notice

October 28, 2009 | Posted in: Airline News,Uncategorized | 0 comments

Attention airport goers in the Bay Area: the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is closed in BOTH directions for repairs – and at this point it’s not clear when it will reopen, but check here for updates.

Latest: The bridge will be closed at least through tonight’s commute (Wednesday) – and maybe longer.

Airport Travelers: If you need to find an alternate route to your airport, go to 511.org and they’ll help you out.

Thanks, JoeSentMe, for giving the first heads-up.

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