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Airline Fee: Pay United $249, Free Checked-Bags for a Year

October 6, 2009 | Posted in: Airline News,United

Here’s a new “bag fee” plan, with a twist:

United Airlines now has a new “subscription fee” for checked-bag charges, called Premier Baggage, and it works like this: Pay $249 a year, and you get to check two bags per flight, everytime you fly for a year – plus, the fee also covers up to 8 people traveling on the same confirmation number.

This could be a real win-win for business travelers — and, for families.

Now, most people don’t check two bags, so let’s just figure a bag a piece for a family of five: That’s $30 each in roundtrip bag fees per person, or $150 for the family, if you pay online (or $40 each, and $200 for the family if you pay at the airport). Take just two trips a year, say, summer vacation and Thanksgiving at Grandma’s, and that’s $300 in bag fees (or $400 if paid at the airport) – so the subscription plan has already saved you money.

Note: This plan does not cover overweight or over-sized baggage.

Readers, what do you think?

3 Responses to “Airline Fee: Pay United $249, Free Checked-Bags for a Year”

  1. Elliot Campbell says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised to see this at all. UA has been packaging paid services, including those previously for elite passengers only, for the last year or so. I’m sure this is a good deal for some, like those in your scenario above, but probably not the majority of travelers.

  2. Dolores Maminski says:

    United’s promo ad says this applies to domestic and international flights. United does not charge for the first 2 checked bags on international flights. Isn’t it a bit sly to advertise this as though you’re getting something for your international flights when checked bags are already no charge?

  3. Rick Seaney says:

    United has changed some of its baggage fees for international travel, and now charges $50 for a second checked-bag to several international destinations, for tickets purchased on or after Sept. 30, 2009 (in economy class); please see their baggage page for more information: http://www.united.com/page/article/0,6867,52482,00.html#international

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