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What’s the Weirdest Place You’ve Seen an Airline Ad?

November 19, 2009 | Posted in: Airline News,Flight Attendants,Passengers

I was thinking about the weirdest place I’ve seen an airline ad – while perusing an LA Times story on AirTran’s plan to put ads on the backs of seats – actually, on the undersides of the tray tables.

“Hah!” I can hear you say, “I’ll pull the tray table down and make it disappear.” That won’t always work – US Airways has been known to slap ads on top of the trays. You want to escape the ads, so you grab a book from the overhead bin, and – if this is Spirit, beware the bin ads.

And don’t bother calling a flight attendant to complain – Spirit crews once had to wear aprons adorned with alcohol ads.

Hang on – you haven’t yet read about those bald heads and the magical pizza ads yet, so keep reading…

Okay, so – maybe you think you’ll escape all the ads by chatting with your seatmate – better check to see if he’s bald first, because his head may still be emblazoned with an Air New Zealand ad from last year’s promotion.

So you decide to simply look out the window, and – another ad! Well, probably all you’ll see now is the remnants of last year’s “mysterious crop circle” outside Denver – okay, it was actually a square, and it advertised pizza. And yes, it was designed to be seen from a plane.

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