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Kim Kardashian Uses Twitter to ID Air Marshal During Flight

February 17, 2010 | Posted in: Favorites,Passengers,Security,Twitter


I’m sure Kim Kardashian is a very nice young lady (though apart from that reality show of hers, I’m a little mystified as to why she’s famous) – but she pulled a no-no on a plane this week.

She revealed that she was seated next to an Air Marshal! And his name was Jim! (Our thanks to the Huffington Post for this tidbit).

Okay, I doubt it’s the end of the world but these folks are supposed to be anonymous – yet Kim tweeted all about it to her 3,014,441 followers/fans – some of whom told her to knock it off.

Still, it’s good to know Jim wasn’t distracted by the glamour of being in close contact with a celebrity – he just did his job: “Jim the air marshall makes me feel safe,” cooed Kardashian via Twitter.

6 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Uses Twitter to ID Air Marshal During Flight”

  1. Jacque says:

    This is coming from a girl who is such an attention whore that she had to be on a reality show so she could become famous…her & her whole family. Obviously she wasn’t going to get anywhere by being a brain! & what gets me is that there are 3,014,441 people out there as stupid & vapid as she is..amazing…maybe as a species we should be erased

  2. William Beem says:

    Why are people blaming Kim? She’s not known for her intelligence. If the air marshall wants to keep his job a secret, then Jim shouldn’t have revealed it to her in the first place. Put the blame on him.

  3. Rick Seaney says:


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  4. Rick Seaney says:


    Perhaps Jim is a big Olympics fan and just got carried away at the prospect of meeting Bruce Jenner’s step-daughter.


  5. Zapo says:

    Just after 9-11 I was on a flight PHL – florida somewhere and we got booted out of our front row seats by an air marshall – it was so stupid, my friend a bigmouth lawyer made a huge stink so that everyone in the plane and waiting area knew exactly who the marshalls were and where they were sitting .. they are kinda obvious and have the IQ??s usually of Kimmy.

  6. Rick Seaney says:


    I think in the early days – meaning, just after 9/11 – they were really still figuring it out the whole security thing. I doubt that would happen today (but if it does, I’m sure one of my readers will tell me!)

    Thanks for writing,

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