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Arizona Immigration Law: Impacting Your Travel Plans?

arizona immigration law travel

We are starting to hear more about the new Arizona immigration law and how it may (or may not) impact travel – for some anyway.

Municipal governments including San Francisco and St. Paul have moved to ban official travel to Arizona – though it’s not clear how much “official travel” these cities actually conduct in “The Grand Canyon State”.

We also spoke with a spokesmn for Tempe, Arizona-based US Airways, and s James Olson told us this issue is “not impacting us and we don’t expect any impact.” He added that no flights have been canceled, and while the airline has heard of concerns from a few individuals by email (concerns that he did not characterize), the number of these emails “is less than the fingers on your hands”.

However, there are calls to yank baseball’s 2011 All Star Game out of Phoenix – not unlike the NFL’s decision to pull Super Bowl XXVII out of Arizona in favor of Pasadena’s Rose Bowl during the Martin Luther King Day holiday boycott back in 1993.

Meanwhile, protests are expected in more than three dozen cities this weekend, including New York and Los Angeles.

So tell me – is this law impacting your travel plans in any way – either for business or leisure?

8 Responses to “Arizona Immigration Law: Impacting Your Travel Plans?”

  1. Aphorism153 says:

    My spouse and I were planning a May trip to Williams, Arizona, to hop on the train that takes you to the Grand Canyon and back.

    We canceled and are looking for another destination for our week off. The law struck as the scariest, unfriendliest, most careless move we’ve ever encountered. My spouse is an attorney and she loves the constitution, so she is especially appalled.

  2. Rick Seaney says:


    Thanks for your personal story.


  3. Kristen says:

    I think this law is ridiculous. It’s against our rights and an invasion of privacy. This will certainly hurt Arizona’s tourism because now everyone will feel unwanted, especially because travelers won’t look “American.”

  4. Marc says:

    There’s a good chance that I’ll be heading to AZ some time in the next month and the thought never crossed my mind to consider not visiting because of the new law. I’ll admit that I’m afraid of both the potential for future limits on our freedoms as well as the potential efficacy of this law hindered as it’s likely to be by the sort of thinkig that has TSA agents frisk Dottie O’Sullivans from Nebraska but overall I think the law is a net positive. The swarm of invading aliens that’s crossed the borders in the past decade has hurt the average American tremendously and if I DO end up in Arizona I’ll be sure to show my support for the intent – if not the details – of the recently enacted law.

    I realize that this is a forbidden view for right thinking people but considering how some 70% of my fellow citizens are of this view, I don’t mind sharing it with them.

    P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for your fantastic site. I’ve spent more hours here than I’m willing to admit.

  5. Lee says:

    Yes, I might make a special effort to vacation in Arizona this year.

    The people of Arizona overwhelmingly support the new law, and since they are the ones who are being impacted by the influx of illegal aliens, they can best see the need to stop this surge.

    One other point – have all of the folks bitching about the law even read it? My understanding is that it grants Arizona’s state police no more clout than the Federal border agents already have.

  6. Rick Seaney says:


    Thank you for the kind words about the site – and go ahead, spend all the time here you like…


  7. Roger says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why it bothers so many people that Arizona has made it illegal to be illegal. What is wrong with this country? Doesn’t the very definition of the term “Illegal Alien” indicate that Alien is a criminal? And why, exactly shouldn’t the police be responsible for catching criminals?

    What is the difference between an officer stopping a suspected DUI because the driver is crossing the center line repeatedly, and an officer stopping a suspected illegal alien because there are 13 people packed in 5 passenger car?


  8. angela says:

    it is a ridiculous law and a little harsh.
    what bothers people the most is that the police has the power to approach someone and ask for their papers just based on their looks.

    a suspected dui drives like crazy but an illegal walks down the street like a normal person.

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