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Guns in the Airport: I Don’t Like It. How About You?

May 6, 2010 | Posted in: Security,Travel Safety,Travel Tips

guns in the airport i don't like it how about you

Did you hear what the Georgia legislature did?

They voted to allow people – with properly licensed guns – to bring them into that state’s airports.

The non-secure areas of airports, that is, which would include terminals, baggage claim, parking lots and the like.

I don’t like it. See where I’m coming from in “Guns at the Airport: Worst Idea Ever?” and tell me if you agree – or, disagree.

21 Responses to “Guns in the Airport: I Don’t Like It. How About You?”

  1. W.M. says:

    I don’t understand why people get so worked up about LICENSED people carrying firearms. The ones you need to worry about aren’t going to bother asking the government for permission.

  2. Irene says:

    I think it’s fine. A lot of people in this country have a very irrational fear of guns. Especially people who don’t know how to use one. Guns are LEGAL in this country. Way to go Georgia.

  3. Wil says:

    Before I agree with you, I’d like to see statistics that show crime rates of licensed vs unlicensed weapons.

  4. Rick Seaney says:

    W.M., Irene, and Wil -

    Thank you all for your comments on this touchy issue – anyone else want to weigh in?


  5. JT says:

    I’ve never understood the need to have a gun in the first place. It’s not like we live in a war zone.

  6. Andre says:

    Frankly I don’t see any difference with licensed and registered citizens carrying concealed weapons in public airport areas than they would be in the general public elsewhere. It’s a non secure area accessible by the general public, the same as it would be in a supermarket or elsewhere.
    I’ve lived in Georgia for a number of years and frequent Hartsfield airport, and the law here states that in order to carry a concealed weapon, it needs to be just that; concealed. This should enable those more sensitive to guns to go about their business at the airport without being alarmed.
    Of course if someone decides to bring a shotgun or M16 to the airport, that’s another story all together and their motives should definitely be questioned, but I think what they’re talking about here is the licensed citizens carrying concealed weapons for protection, the same that they would do everywhere else they go.

  7. Karen K says:

    Not afraid of licensed people carrying guns, that makes America safe. Don’t want to be a victim with some bad guy shooting at me with an illegal gun and no legal gun owner around to defend me. Remember, “When you need help in seconds, the police are minutes away.” We should pass a law forbidding men of Middle Eastern descent from buying / possessing / carrying amonium nitrate and diesel fuel. That would make me feel safer! Karen K.

  8. Steve Smith says:

    Oh Rick – I fear you’ve bitten off more than you can swallow this time, although I admire your stand.

    Sadly, I suspect that your post will attract all the usual gun-toting nuts who see any criticism of guns (regardless of the rationale) to be a direct attack on their personal freedom.

    For what it’s worth, I agree with you – but undoubtedly I’ll attract plenty of hate mail as a result. As for whether licensed and unlicensed gun-owners are any different, I humbly suggest that they’re all human beings with the same flaws and potential problems, as demonstrated by the Times Square bomber’s ownership of a fully licensed gun. In the end, more guns in public places (particularly high-population venues) means more potential for disaster when somebody snaps, so legislating airports as gun zones seems unwelcome to this freedom-loving citizen for one.

    Hey, we can’t even carry water through security any more, and I personally find this an idiotic and panic-mongering practice – so maybe the Georgia legislators would be better served by confronting this intrusion upon our freedom.

  9. Eric Stratton says:

    God what a bunch of sissy clowns everyone in this country has become! Grow a set will ya?
    A gun in a law abiding hand STOPS crime!. All you anti gun BOZOS should go home and cry to your mommies about how no matter what you do, victim disarmament attracts criminals.
    No they are not “gun nuts” you are a voluntary victim. Poor baby.
    You feel safe when a cop has a gun, but in danger when a normal person with an IQ over 100 has one. What a bunch of sissy boys.

  10. frostysnowman says:

    Aah, the GA legistature has done it again! The people who brought us the “celebration of Confederate History Month” now say, “Go ahead and bring your guns to the airport!” The rationale that since no one has shot up a shopping mall means it’s no big deal to have a licensed gun in an airport is ridiculous. I grew up with a father who hunts and a house full of guns, so I’m not anti-gun, and I know that most licensed gun owners are careful and properly trained in the use of firearms. But saying it’s OK to have guns in airports carried by anyone else other than the police or TSA (or any other such personnel) is not really well thought out in my opinion. live in the ATL area and unfortunately have to go through HJIA every time I fly. This does not make me feel more secure; in fact, just the opposite.

  11. Eric Stratton says:

    So when a law breaker comes into the airport with a gun, what are you people going to do? Take the bullet, one after another until the police show up? Kinda stupid isn’t it? What if law abiding citizens shot the law breaker before the Police showed up? The lives saved are not worth the supposed risk? I guess you guys could throw your purse at him. That might stop him. Personally Ill take my chances with an armed citizenry. Does not make me nervous at all to see armed citizens everywhere. I actually feel more safe.


  12. Placemix says:

    Yes, touchy subject but I do agree with you.

  13. John says:

    I would not endorse the practice of openly carrying firearms into airports. I do, however, draw a distinction between anyone openly carrying a firearm and those who are properly trained and licensed to carry a concealed weapon into any airport just as they now do so into most public places. There have been instances where people who left a firearm in their automobile in a parking place became victims in restaurants, etc., because they could NOT save themselves or others when unlicensed but armed individuals committed a violent act. Conversely, there are recorded instances where a licensed ‘concealed carry’ person has saved a life because he happened to be in a place where a violent offender was attempting to take a life. This deserves an open and honest debate which it may have already had in the Georgia Legislature.

  14. Nicole says:

    Oh Please People, carry guns give its a wrong expressions. Just BECAUSE you have a LICENSED it doen’t mean you are a trusted person and safe. Any fool persons can be with a real LICENSED (just because you have a clean record) as well with a great fake LICENSED (bad guys will love this). Yes guns give some gun-loving people some kind of secure. Still, it’s wrong to give good people with LICENSED to open freely. It make the bad guys get more creativetivity to get away with it. Not all the security men/women @ the airports can do their jobs 100% perfect to make sure we are safe. This is a trick solutions and someone is about to get hurt or kill… I’m against it.

  15. Thea Montandon says:

    This is truly outrageous. I don’t care if they’re licensed or not, guns in private hands are for shooting … animals or people … not part of civilized man.

  16. aphorism153 says:

    I agree with Rick. This legislation is appalling and very irresponsible. I like going to the airport and feeling safer than in most neighborhoods. I will actively avoid flying through or into ATL.

  17. Rick Seaney says:

    To All,

    I appreciate the lively debate, and thank you all for your contributions – keep ‘em coming.


  18. William Beem says:

    I don’t agree with you. That’s because you offer a false premise that gun-owners are trigger happy fools who are just itching to shoot. That’s not true. Although I prefer not to own a gun, I don’t have such fears about those who decide to take training and get a concealed weapons permit. They aren’t the ones who bother me.

    We make a lot of silly and stupid decisions based upon “beliefs” that are often unfounded, but yet perpetuated. I was chastised in the D.C. Metro this week for taking a photograph. The woman said it was because of 9/11. I told her they had planes, not camera.

    Perhaps we should not allow pilots in airports because of the proven danger of 9/11. Let’s ignore all the responsible pilots and focus on the danger they cause.

    Just like we do with guns.

  19. John Zumrick says:

    The gun debate is fortunate in that a lot of data on use of firerams has been collected and the effects of various laws on firearms use. First in virtually every state those citizens who have a concealed weapons permit are among the safest and most law abiding. In Florida the incidence of even minor law infractions is on the order of .01%. Second, travelers already have guns in airport, guns they are checking for transport. Third, the most dangerous place for multiple victim shooting are gun free zones. Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Fort Hood were all gun free zones since troops are not allowed concealed weapons on base. So in the end you have citizens who are among the safest carry weapons no one will see, who are taking responsibility for their protection and protection of their loved ones. This law will change nothing except possibly make the airport a bit safer.

  20. Ben says:

    Just curious how many people actually read Rick’s post before commenting? Regardless of whether or not you feel that licensed gun owners make the world safer, Rick has a good point:

    “Add guns to the mix and it makes my head spin thinking about all the security lock-down scenarios. Picture out-of-state residents traveling in and out of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International (and that would be most of the fliers – after all, the airport saw 90 million passengers in 2008 alone) – one of them sees a gun, calls security and…well, you get the picture. And I don’t even want to think about a weapon accidentally discharging in a crowded terminal.”

    Personally if I saw someone at the terminal carrying a gun who was NOT clearly a police officer or guard — I would notify the police immediately. I also don’t make a habit of studying the local laws of any states that I pass through. So please excuse me if I shut down the Atlanta airport and inconvenience everyone just because I am being a concerned citizen … which is a much more likely scenario than a criminal at an airport pulling a gun and then getting subsequently shot to death by a licensed gun owner before he can do any harm. Just by virtue of being at an airport there is automatically a much higher police presence. Let them do their jobs.

  21. Rick Seaney says:


    You put this a lot better than I did, when you wrote: “if I saw someone at the terminal carrying a gun who was NOT clearly a police officer or guard — I would notify the police immediately. I also don’t make a habit of studying the local laws of any states that I pass through. So please excuse me if I shut down the Atlanta airport…”

    Thank you for your observations.


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