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Flight Attendant Sounds Off: Carryon Bags and Bad Attitudes

flight attendant carryon bags passengers

Ever wonder what that flight attendant on your plane is thinking?

Well, wonder no more. Or maybe I should say, now we know what one flight attendant is thinking – and he has a lot to say about negativity on the part of passengers and crew, and why the job just isn’t much fun anymore.

Oh, yes – the flight attendant also mentions passengers who simply dump their carryon bags at his feet. 

Check out the article, called “An Airline Flight Attendant Sounds Off on Bags, Bad Attitudes and Today’s Flying Experience” – it’s a pretty good read if I do say so myself.

United to Disabled Woman: Sorry for Flight Attendant Flap

April 18, 2010 | Posted in: Ask Rick,Flight Attendants,United | 14 comments

united disabled sorry flight attendant

The disabled woman in the center of a rather nasty story about a United Airlines flight attendant who refused to help her with her carryon bag – even though United’s website say such assistance is part of their service for the disabled – has heard from the airline.

United has apologized. As the anonymous disabled woman writes on her blog:

“They told me they received a swarm of letters and emails referring to me and my experience, and they thanked me for ‘shining a light on this problem’. They’ve offered me an apology for everything that happened and are mailing me a written apology as well. Beyond that, they’ll be calling me again to discuss it more.”

Personally, I hope the further discussion at least includes a voucher for a free flight.

If you missed the original story, you can catch up here.

American Airlines Flight Diverts to Iceland due to Fumes

american airlines flight diverts iceland fumes

An American Airlines flight heading from Paris to Dallas had to make an emergency landing in Reykjavik, Iceland when five crew members became ill.

Apparently, there are reports of some kind of chemical fumes in the cabin. All the affected crew members were believed to have been in the galley area when they began feeling sick.

The plane landed safely, the passengers are fine, and another aircraft is heading to Iceland from London – complete with a fresh crew.

Strike: British Airways has $250-an-hour Flight Attendants?

March 30, 2010 | Posted in: Airfare News,Europe,Flight Attendants,News,Pilots | 4 comments

british airways flight attendants

Guess who might be offering you a Diet Coke on your next British Airways flight? A pilot. Maybe.

While the strike continues (the latest segment ends tonight), the union representing striking cabin crew members accuses British Airways of using some of its pilots to fill in – and the union claims these subs get their regular salary which works out to about $250 an hour. Regular flight attendants with five years experience, says the union, make about $25 an hour.

Understandably, the union delights in pointing out the irony: the carrier is trying to save money by imposing a pay freeze on its cabin crews. All British Airways will say is, a “number of crew [are] reporting for duty”.

Meanwhile, both sides say they are open to further talks, but that’s sort of up in the air at this point (sorry).

I will note that British Airways is doing an excellent job at keeping its customers informed of all developments during this difficult time – its website is constantly updated with information about flights and options for fliers.

Flight Attendant on Airline Colleagues: “Burnt out, annoying”

March 25, 2010 | Posted in: Airline News,Flight Attendants,United | 0 comments

flight attenants

Somebody pointed me to the Vulture blog where a United flight attendant reviewed the Virgin America reality show Fly Girls.

Or they said it was an actual flight attendant – this man was anonymous after all – but there’s no reason to believe otherwise. Anyway, he liked Fly Girls (other reviews I’ve seen are lukewarm), but this “Fly Guy” added that some of it “wasn’t realistic”:

“He also pointed out that not all flight attendants are so, er, attractive. ‘Virgin is maybe an exception, but at United, we have this super professional attitude, and so we have some older ladies, and a lot of them are burnt out and annoying,’ he said.” - Vulture blog, 3-25-10

You better believe I have a few observations to make about the above – so, keep reading…

Flight Attendant on Airline Colleagues: “Burnt out, annoying”

Man Lights Match on US Airways Flight is Arrested for ID Fraud

us airways arrested ID fraud

I guess the moral of this story is, don’t do something dumb that will bring you to the attention of authorities – if you’ve got something to hide.

It seems a man from Maine accidentally lit a match on a US Airways flight from Washington to Boston as he was removing the match book from his pocket. A small fire ensued, but he put it out.

Unluckily for him, flight attendants take a dim view of fires on their airplanes and the Massachusetts State Police were there to greet this fellow upon landing in Logan. And, during questioning, they discovered he was wanted in Georgia for identity fraud and was arrested.

No charges were filed in the match lighting incident.

Airline Crew Ordered Jailed for Sexual Text Messages

March 17, 2010 | Posted in: Airline News,Flight Attendants | 0 comments

airline crew text messages

Two cabin crew members of Emirates airline – including a flight attendant – have been ordered by authorities in Dubai to serve three months in jail “over sexually explicit text messages”.

According to the Reuters story, it’s not clear if these messages were exchanged between the two or how they came to the attention of authorities, but – fair warning – this is an extremely conservative part of the world, and they mean business when foreigners break their laws.

If you think three months is harsh, know this: the original sentence called for six months in prison, but was reduced on appeal.

That Allegedly “Toxic” US Airways Plane? Not the First Time

toxic us airways plane

Consumerist has an update about that “strange odor” on a plane that I told you about yesterday – a smell that prompted nine people to seek medical treatment – including two pilots and five flight attendants.

Turns out the plane’s aroma has created problems before: this is the very same plane that made people sick in late December and mid-January. Three times in three months!

The plane’s now out of service; US Airways says, they’re at the trouble-shooting stage. I certainly hope they find the trouble this time.

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