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Finding Cheap Deals with Twitter and Facebook – Video Guide

May 29, 2010 | Posted in: Deals,Travel Tips,Twitter | 0 comments

I had fun at CNN the other day, talking about the bargains you can get if you’re connected to Twitter and Facebook.

These are deals aimed exclusively at the “social media set”.

What if you don’t tweet or don’t have a Facebook account? Relax, it’s real easy – and I’ve got a simple step-by-step “how-to-to” that’ll get you on Twitter and Facebook and enjoying cheap airfare deals in no time. Seriously, you can do this (if my social media-challenged editor can do it, anyone can. “He’s got that right.” – Ed.).

So take a look at this video, courtesy CNN Money – it’s short and to the point, and I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at what’s out there waiting for you.

Facebook Article in Time Magazine – A Must-Read

May 27, 2010 | Posted in: Travel Tips,Twitter | 2 comments

facebook time must read

I am sitting here on a plane without Wi-Fi (how gauche) reading an actual paper version of Time I picked up at the airport newsstand. The cover story is about Facebook, ostensibly about privacy issues if you are to believe the cover’s tag-line, but oh so much more – a must-read.

The cover caught my eye when I was picking up my normal 3 hour flight reading material at the newsstand, the Wall St. Journal and Financial Times.

The cover art appears to have 1,295 icons of Facebook (FB) profile pictures. These folks evidently were part of an “I Want to Be in TIME” FB group contest – not sure why exactly 1,295 icons (looks like they have room for more) but it appears that some have gotten their 3 nanoseconds of fame (one reason to update that profile pic. ;-)

I must admit I am a Twitter aficionado (having just attended the Chirp Developer conference recently) and have been dragging my feet on getting into Facebook whole hog (as well as LinkedIn) which I hope to correct over the next few months.

One reason for my FB reticence has been feeling bad about not accepting “friend” requests from random people – it makes me feel like I am dissing them (which isn’t the case).

Check out the rest of Facebook Article in Time Magazine – A Must-Read

Facebook Article in Time Magazine – A Must-Read

Five Really Good Ways to Get Deals of Twitter and Facebook

May 12, 2010 | Posted in: Deals,Travel Tips,Twitter | 2 comments

deals twitter facebook

And you thought Twitter and Facebook was just for kids – no way.

You can find special airfare deals and offers on Twitter and Facebook, that won’t be found anywhere else – because the airlines have taken up social networking with a vengeance – and they in turn want you, in turn, to tell the world just how great they are. And they try to give you reasons for thinking they’re great.

What to do? Don’t worry, it’s easy and I tell you how to do it in “Five Ways to Find Help Travelers Find Cheap Flight Deals on Twitter and Facebook” – so check it out.

Top Influential Twitter/Facebook Celebs and Rick Seaney

twitter facebook celebs rick seaney

No, I’m afraid I personally didn’t make Time magazine’s Top Social Networking “Influential” List* – the politicians and thinkers and celebrities with huge Twitter and Facebook followings.

But I have written about some of these influential folks. For example:

Pres. Obama – he’s #1 on the list: I’ve written about him and the world’s best job perk, Air Force One.

Lady Gaga – in the #2 spot: I’ve told you about her scanty costumes, and how one in particular got her into trouble.

Ashton Kutcher – #3: there was that wild ride to Vegas.

Sandra Bullock – #16: she and other celebs know American Airlines will keep their secrets safe.

Steve Jobs – #44: how 2008 airfare was like the iPhone

*Hard to believe I didn’t make this list – I mean, I’ve been on Twitter and Facebook for more than a year now; but then, neither did I make Time’s 2010 100 list of “the people who affect our world”.**

** Tongue is firmly adhered to roof of mouth.

FareCompare in Top 10 Twitter List – for Cheap Flights

April 19, 2010 | Posted in: List,Tips and Tricks,Twitter | 0 comments

farecompare top ten twitter cheap flights

Entrepreneur Magazine has named FareCompare to its annual list of Top 10 Twitter Feeds, or as they put it, one of the “10 of the best Twitter feeds to follow for the latest in travel deals, news, advice and entertainment”.

Here’s why:

FareCompare’s  real-time alerts tell you when airfares drop on flights from your city. Or plug in your home airport’s three-letter code to follow a “flyfrom” feed for specific fares (such as flyfromLAX or flyfromJFK and you can sign up for that here – takes no time at all).” - Entrepreneur, May 2010

And don’t forget, you can also follow FareCompare Deals, follow my blog, or follow your home airport. Oh, what the heck – follow them all.

Don’t know twitter or tweets from a hole in the ground? I used to be that way too - but there are some excellent reasons to get into it, as you’ll see here: “Twitter – Who Needs It? You Might – for Cheap Flights”. And by the way, it’s really easy. Seriously.

Twitter – Who Needs It? You Might – for Cheap Flights

March 30, 2010 | Posted in: Airfare News,Airline News,Deals,Twitter | 6 comments

twitter cheap flights

I’ve gotten into this whole social media thing, and I enjoy it – but I know a lot of you don’t have much time or feel you don’t have the expertise – or maybe you’re thinking, I don’t want to go on Twitter and tell everyone what I’m up to every minute of the day.

Relax – you don’t have to. But there are other good reasons to learn Twitter: it opens up a new channel of communication – that can help you get cheaper flights – and more.

For example, once you get on Twitter, you can do the following:

  • Get alerted to real-time deals from FareCompare – the ones you want, from your home airport
  • Follow important announcement from your airline about weather delays and more
  • Send direct messages to your airline – and yes, a tweet will often get their attention, and an answer (airlines love “social media”)

My editor says  it only took her about an hour to “get” Twitter. As she explained it, “I’m a total idiot when it comes to anything the least bit ‘techy’, so I just hired a college kid who lived down the street to teach me the basics. Amazingly enough, it was really easy.”

Did you know that you don’t even have to have a special phone to access twitter? Your computer will work just fine (although you’re not so mobile). Give it a try – and once you do, follow me on Twitter – and see what I’ve got cooking.

What They Did Wrong: A Quick Guide to Finding Cheap Flights

guide cheap flights

I was reading an article on Hipster Travel that mentioned FareCompare in the headlines, and it was all about how the writer failed to score a cheap airfare that he/she was alerted to.

In fairness, the author realized his mistake, which was waiting waaay too long to take advantage of the alert.

If you want to find the cheapest airfare, see my easy “how-to” response – complete with a companion video. I promise it will be worth your while.

Kim Kardashian Uses Twitter to ID Air Marshal During Flight

February 17, 2010 | Posted in: Favorites,Passengers,Security,Twitter | 6 comments


I’m sure Kim Kardashian is a very nice young lady (though apart from that reality show of hers, I’m a little mystified as to why she’s famous) – but she pulled a no-no on a plane this week.

She revealed that she was seated next to an Air Marshal! And his name was Jim! (Our thanks to the Huffington Post for this tidbit).

Okay, I doubt it’s the end of the world but these folks are supposed to be anonymous – yet Kim tweeted all about it to her 3,014,441 followers/fans – some of whom told her to knock it off.

Still, it’s good to know Jim wasn’t distracted by the glamour of being in close contact with a celebrity – he just did his job: “Jim the air marshall makes me feel safe,” cooed Kardashian via Twitter.

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